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Friday, April 15, 2011


As Em was getting dressed to go to grandma's house. The attire included purple dress shirt, purple tutu, purple leggings, purple socks, purple hair clips...

Em:" Mom, I want to wear my purple crocs"

Me: " Sorry, hun, it's REALLY raining and your feet will get all wet"

Em:  "Oooo :( I really wanted to be all purple-ish. "

Me: (thinking) Well, when you say it like that. "Okay, but you have to be really careful and you can't stomp in puddles or your socks will get all wet."

Am I a sucker for purple or what? Maybe it was the cute little voice she used and how fashionably appealing she wanted to be? Maybe it was the shoe appeal? (This girl loves shoes!!Today I picked up a whole armload of shoes scattered around the house). I think it was the purple :)

Feeling Purplicious,
M.I. MaMa

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