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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hand-made Valentines

Craft time is an essential part of our schedule. Believe me, it doesn't happen everyday...life doesn't always allow for it. When it does though, we love to pull out the craft tub and create! This is an opportunity for all the intelligences to be woven together.   

& since Valentine's Day is around the corner, we pulled out the tub! For my daughter's preschool class party, I passed up the typical boxed character Valentines and we constructed our own cards to give to friends! Whenever I get a chance to avoid commercialism, I DO! Plus, something made from the hand has a special touch!I know it isn't always possible to pass up commercialism. I'm thankful I go tone more year out of her :) Next year I'm sure I'll be finding some way to meet in the middle.

First, gather the supplies you'll need. Dig through your crafty stuff or just hit up your local dollar store or craft store for all the cute little embellishments you want. We used stickers, pom-poms, ribbons, heart dollies, ink pen stamps, and cute little paper notepads found at Target from Nana & Grandma. Of course, a lollipop is always a plus with the kiddos! I suggest using cardstock versus construction paper, it's much more sturdy.
Next, measure out your cardstock to the appropriate size. I suggest dividing a 12X12 sheet into fourths. This leaves plenty of room for decorations! 

These are the cards after an adult has cut them out. If your child is skilled in cutting, let them cut along the traced line. The more a child does, the better :)

Now set all the supplies out in front of your child and let THEM create!! As the adult do your best to only be there for assistance with challenging tasks and making sure the scene remains safe. For example, I still help with the tape dispenser and remind Lil' Em NOT to eat glue and say "a little bit goes a long ways".

Yummy, Lollipops~ we taped 'em on

While your child is working it may be helpful to put little rolls of tape on items that may need extra help staying put.

Lastly, either have your child or you sign your child's name on the back of each card. Lil' Em is only 3 and in the early stage of writing. She will do her own capital E but wants to stop after that. I don't pressure her to do the rest. Instead to further encourage her, I either model it for her so she is visually seeing the process or we will write the rest of her name together-her hand using the proper pencil grip and my hand on hers. This gives her the physical feel for the act. PLEASE notice we practice her name with proper letter formation and I just said "proper pencil grip". As a previous kindergarten teacher I beg of you to not teach your child to write their name in ALL capital letters. It only causes grief once he/she enters kindergarten and is forced to write his/her name beginning with a capital letter and the rest all lower case. After all, why not teach 'em the right way the first time? Also, proper pencil grip is essential. I will have to do a post on my "Quack, Quack" pencil grip I've used with all early writers I've previously taught.

The cards are ready for delivery!! Emery had the greatest time designing each card with a specific classmate in mind. Since she is still in the early stage of writing we didn't address each card to a friend. If your child can, I encourage her/him to. The more real-life writing experiences the better!!)  
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