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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Musical Intelligence

Everyone knows what music is! It may even be the most known out of all the intelligences we're born with.

In some form or another, we all have the inclination for music, yet when it comes down to it, people usually classify them self as either musically talented or not musically talented.
 Although I am not one of the “musically talented” people, I still like to think I can sing…well I can, especially in the car J Which leads me to the point of my ramble here...we all have music ability, some are just more blessed than others! Heck, each of us have ALL the intelligences I’m writing about on here, it’s just depends on how ya use em! I’ll save that ramble for another post…

Even with being extremely prominent in our society, I'd still like to properly define music intelligence as sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and music. If a person’s intelligence is dominated by the strengths of this form they have keen abilities in pitch, vocals, musical instruments, and composing music.  There is a strong auditory component associated with learning; singing songs or rhythms is a common strategy when approaching new tasks. These folks obviously make great musicians, composers, and disc-jockeys.

Every time I am writing an entry I keep coming back to how each intelligence and its attributes are prominent and crucial in child development. I started singing to Lil’ Em the day she was born. I admit it may have been the ABC’s. No, I am not one of those over-expose, shove it down your throat moms, it just happened to be the first song that popped in my head after years of teaching, plus the tune is so easy!  Don’t worry many other songs came rushing back. I have to say though, that girl had no problem learning her ABC’s. She’s been singing and identifying them since 18 months. As she grows, she continues to develop her love for singing and playing instruments. Here she is last summer doing her version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We had recently attended a FREE concert in the park Summer series in which an Irish man played his guitar on his lap. When we came home she immediately started her own musical play.

Here’s a little Old McDonald too. (I wish these weren't such short horribly filmed snippets. These videos are my first shots; the second videos are too long for here and WAY cuter!! At that time I wasn't planning on file size for a blog, I was thinking long content. hmm, Maybe there's a way to post larger files and I just haven't figured it out..? Help needed here )

& a little "drive" by Incubus

As I ponder this intelligence, I can’t help put visualize the performer:

There are great community classes out there to help promote musical intelligence in all ages! For the little ones check out local movement and music classes. These are usually held at local music centers, community centers, or private studios. When age-appropriate, enrolling in a local preschool is usually a musical experience as well. For the older kiddos, it’s never too late to learn an instrument or join a choir. For adults, it's never too late either! We all can benefit from a little harmony!


  1. Just recently I learned that in Japan, they start their children's musical and/or dance training at a young age. They share this with the Hawaian culture. In Japan, it might mean piano or violin and ballet or gymnastics while in Hawaii it's guitars, mandolins and the hula. Either way, if you start young, it stays with you all your life.

    But that does not mean adults with that yearning to play or learn an instrument should not try that as an adult. I think music can be very rewarding and relaxing for the mind. I have met a few retired women who take up playing the organ in their 60's and really seem to enjoy it.

    Good points, Brooke. Music makes the world go around happier.