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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet Me-O

Me-O is Lil' Em's most cherished lovey! He sleeps in her bed every night! He goes with us almost everywhere!! She named him after the sound cats make :)

Me-O has been a part of our family since Lil' Em was about 9 months. We were at a local grocery store when we first met him. The "baby time limit" had been reached and I needed a ploy so I could get through the rest of the clearance racks. Luckily as I looked around I noticed a bin of random stuffed animals. For once, I was thinking, thank you store employees for strategically placing items like these in the children's department...this time it came in handy! Needless to say Em had an immediate connection! I can't imagine life without him...raggedy and all :) 

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