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Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Read #1- Let's PLAY!!

This article was handed out at the local preschool co-op we belong to. Choosing a path for your child’s education is an important decision every parent faces. With that said, every stage in development seems to have its buzz choices. Since my daughter is 3, we are still in the preschool years. This article was handed out at our last general meeting. It basically wraps up every reason why I chose the school I did. It can apply to the later years as well.  Don’t worry, I will not jump on a soapbox right now about choosing a certain type of school for your child. Every parent knows what their child needs. Nor, do I think that because we chose a play- based preschool vs. a skill-based, Lil’ Em is goin to Harvard. She will aspire to be whatever she aspires to be. Hope you enjoy the article!


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