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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Intelligences Explained

Hi everyone. I’ve been having a tough time choosing an order to introduce each form of intelligence. I want to write it all out at once, since in theory they all work together, but that would be way too long!! I thought about starting with linguistic and logic-mathematical because I have previously mentioned these forms the most due to their significance in our present day culture. I also thought I should start with something people may not know a lot about. Then the answer was placed in front of me when I attended my daughter’s preschool meeting the other night.

Interpersonal intelligence; since we all have to be a social creature, this is a great place to start. In a nutshell, interpersonal intelligence is how we interact with others. The attributes of this intelligence are cooperativeness, sensitivities to others needs, effective communication, discussion, debate, and learning best when working with others. If a person’s intelligence is dominated by the strengths of this form, they are social butterflies, prefer to be with people versus alone, tend to be easy going, and are excellent to have on your side whether as a teammate, classmate, or work colleague. People who possess these strengths may be classified as your typical extrovert.

Intrapersonal intelligence is the like the flip side of interpersonal intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence is how we interact with our self.  The attributes of this intelligence are self-awareness, reflection, and intuition. If a person’s intelligence is dominated by the strengths of this form, they know their own strengths and weaknesses, are skillful at deciphering their own feelings and motivations, frequently document life’s happenings, achieve their best work when alone, value their choices, and can usually predict their own emotions and reactions. People who possess these strengths may be classified as your typical introvert.

It’s pretty safe to say in our society people are easily labeled as either the extrovert or introvert. Man, I sure would like to be a balance of both! I’ve met a few who have seemed to master it. Lucky people :)

Now here come the questions, ya know I love to ask 'em!

What causes most people to be either one or the other-why does the interpersonal intelligence develop over the intrapersonal intelligence or vice versa?     

Is it nature vs. nurture - Are we born pre-wired with certain intelligences dominating over others or are our intelligences developed as we process our surroundings? Is it both? …Just a few food for thought questions…if they were easy to answer I don’t think psychologists, educationalists, parents, or neuroscientists would have anything to debate over.

Thats enough said for me. Until next time, much love and appreciation

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  1. I now have a google account so I can blog. I like your blog for two reasons. The subject interests me and I am always in need of upgrading my mental skills since there is always room for improvement.
    Nature does pre-wire us with varying degrees of mental/physical characteristics. God or the great spirit also gave us the ability to nurture our strengths & weaknesses either consciously or sublimally. As a result our mental performance will vary. Nothing stays the same, it is either getting better through proper effort or worse through indifferance. We interact socially with family and friends so these can influence our efforts. No matter what you have upstairs if you choose the correct master mind group to pattern yourself after you will become like them to some degree in thought and deed.