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Saturday, March 12, 2011


O, I love the possible sayings that can come out of a growing child's mouth. Sometimes I'm shocked, rolling in laughter, amazed, teary-eyed, speechless, or all & many of the above :)

Someone recently suggested keeping a book or journal of the random phrases, questions, or sounds that come from a child's ever inquisitive mind and mouth. I found this a good idea, but actually applying good ideas can sometimes be a challenge for me in the busyness of life. I don't want to give up though. One reason I started to blog, is to help document more of my life with Em. I kept thinking, maybe I could somehow incorporate Em's random quotes and questions into my blog. Then it hit me, bam, like lightning!! (O, no, I've been exposed to to much CARS lately...)Recently I've met a friend and fellow preschool parent who blogs her random short conversations with her young daughter. What a great idea!! With that, I am inspired to start a new section of my blog :Conversations!

In Conversations, I will highlight random moments of Em conversing about who knows what, with who knows who. I would also love to hear random things your child says throughout their daily interactions. 

~I'm opening with a conversation from today~ 

Settingwatering our freshly started seeds

Em: " Ahhhh, that drink is good" in a pretend water like voice

Me:  At first a little confused, "O, is that what the plants are saying? When I give plants a drink they say thank you for the drink to me too" (~What a little naturalist!! is what I was thinking :)

~A few minutes later..
Em: " Mom, do plants like meat?"

Me: "No, they don't like meat. They only like/need water, sun, and dirt..especially compost"

The great part about this is her self-connection(intrapersonal) to her curiosity. Em has been a self-proclaimed vegetarian since birth. Believe me we have tried. Only will she eat my specially breaded chicken breast. Even now as she ages, she gets pickier and smarter about me hiding meat in her food. She is even wanting me to avoid the meat section at grocery stores. That can't happen, daddy and I like it :)
~Until further funny dialogue,
M.I. MaMa

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