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Friday, March 25, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Emery made this at school but it was TOO cute not to share. Plus, it is quite a simple prep!
To prep this activity you will need: 3 paper plates, scissors, stapler, tape, black construction paper cut into strips to represent spider legs, yellow construction paper cut into triangles to represent sun rays, and a marker. Before you sit down with your child cut the black strips and yellow triangles. Also, cut 1 paper plate in half. Bring child(ren) to the work area where tape, marker, and whole plates are within hands reach. Have child draw a face on each whole plate. Choose one plate to be the spider, one to be the sun. With tape secure each spider leg; 4 on each side :) Also, secure sun ray triangles on the sun plate. You may need to help with the tape dispenser. Once legs and sun rays are attached, staple one of the paper plate halves to the sun or spider. This makes a nice pocket for a child to slide their hand into. Repeat with other half of plate and other whole plate. Done!! Have fun with your child and exercise both your musical intelligences while teaching the song "Itsy bitsy Spider"...chances are they know it. Make up a skit for the song to spice it up. In the video, Em is trying to hide the sun until it comes out. She also tries to hold the subject more forward when she is singing about it. 

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