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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marshmallow Day

MARSHMALLOWS!!!I was inspired by the cutest craft I saw on one of my favorite blogs I follow. First, we made the shamrock craft. You'll notice it in the bottom left hand side of the picture. You can find detailed instructions for this craft at http://www.notimeforflashcards

We kept the fun going by making our own green marshmallows. I got out a mixing bowl, mixing spoon, food coloring, and white marshmallows. Em placed them in the bowl and then started squeezing the green food coloring. We discovered it was empty. Ah-ha, what a great moment to further discuss yellow and blue making green. When I asked her if she remembered which two colors make green, she only remembered blue. So the review is needed :)
 She made a nice dark green. I love color mixing because it provides a great opportunity for kids to experience the many different shades of colors.
The End...Lots and lots of marshmallows.
When done, we poured them on to newspaper for drying purposes. I reminded her many times these ones are not for eating! We will be doing a craft project with them tomorrow.

All sticky and green,
M.I. MaMa

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