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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Enhancing a baby's intrapersonal intelligence

This baby mirror/toy was given to me by a co-worker when Em was still in my belly :)

  She said it was her daughter's favorite toy as a baby!
 We soon discovered why
This mirror was great for exploration during floor time. Daddy took these shots one day while Em was playing around. It's only now when I just stumbled upon these old photos that I realized how this simple toy is also an intrapersonal developmental tool.(All mirrors probably are..?..) Em would stare in to this for quite some time. I think she was just spending some quality time assessing her self. She also loved touching and pulling all the various textures and dangling items.
 If I remember right, the mirror was made by Sassy. I want to say I've seen it at Babies R Us. Let's just say, if I am attending any baby showers in the near future, I know what I'm purchasing. It's gender proof too!!
~Thinking of babies,
M.I. MaMa

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